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We have the ability to build, run, troubleshoot, and repair both compound and complex progressive dies.  Some of our more complex progressive dies can have upwards of 40 stations, including intricate forms, coining stations, lancing operations, and draws.


Precision Metal Products is the world’s largest user of Beryllium Nickel strip. We work with a variety of metals and foils that are tailored to our customers’ needs. We have the capability of stamping metals from .080” thick down to .005” or thinner, and foils down to .0005” thick. Due to customer specifications and critical applications, our tolerances on purchased materials are held tighter than most industries require.


Below are some examples of materials we commonly use; keep in mind this list is not all-inclusive:


Aluminized Steel


Beryllium Copper

Beryllium Nickel







Stainless Steel


Tin Plated Brass

Tin Plated Copper

Automated Assemblies

Automated Assemblies

It is very time consuming to place orders for multiple components rather than placing just one order for a completed part. Purchasing assemblies from us will reduce your logistics, simplify the ordering process, and free up some of your storage space. Let us take some of the work off of your plate so you can spend less time researching, expediting, and managing vendors. Domestically or internationally, we can deliver completed assemblies at your request.


Precision Metal Products has extensive automated assembly expertise. We assemble stampings with manufactured and purchased mechanisms, such as cold headed and screw machine parts. We can help with the procurement of components for automated assembly and aid in engineering to ensure optimal characteristics are developed. PTFE tape and other adhesive strips are utilized during many of our assembly processes.


With our innovative engineering and automation experience, we have the ability to integrate concepts into an automated machine. We are able to run and 100% inspect various workings for critical dimensions and attributes that are requested by our customers.  With this feature, we have the capability to inspect 100% of the parts without reducing our efficiency.

Fire Sprinkler Seals

Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers provide a level of protection that no other fire protection technology can offer. They immediately respond to a fire while it is still small, controlling the spread of deadly heat, flames, and toxic smoke. More recently, the purpose of fire sprinklers is moving from fire containment to fire suppression. We can assist in developing new designs to keep up with this change.






Precision Metal Products has manufactured and supplied the majority of the fire sprinkler industry worldwide since 1983. Beryllium Nickel is the most superior alloy to date for fire sprinkler seals; its combination of strength and corrosion resistance is unsurpassed in the sprinkler industry.


Materion has been a leader in the development of beryllium based products for over 80 years. With their headquarters also located in Cleveland, Ohio, we have developed a very strong relationship over the past 30+ years.


Visit Materion's website to read more about
Beryllium Nickel.

These devices save lives, which is why we set our standards so high.

Slow Motion

Fire Sprinkler Activation

Tooling & Engineering

Tooling & Engineering

At Precision Metal Products, we believe in being ready for the unexpected.  We keep inventory in our tool room for each job, whether it is raw tool steel, finished tooling, or hardened steel blocks for wire EDM work, to assure that we are prepared for changes in orders or tooling maintenance.  Whether it’s a minor tool change or a major repair, we have a full lineup of automated and manual equipment to address most tooling matters within our own building. This allows us to have faster turnaround and repair times.


Methods of support include:

- AutoCAD for full design capabilities and BobCAD for CAD/CAM design and programming

- Machining technology including:

  • Wire EDM

  • CNC lathe

  • EDM small hole driller - capable of drilling hardened steels with holes as small as .008 in diameter

  • Automatic surface grinder

  • Other manual machines such as surface grinders, milling machines, drill presses and plasma cutter

All of these machines play a key role in being self-sufficient and having fast turnaround times, which helps both Precision Metal Products and our customers.

Other items of support include a full inventory of tool steels. This includes but is not limited to:

  • S7

  • 4140

  • A2/D2

  • M2/M4

  • CPM-9V/CPM-10V

  • Various types of carbides

With our experience and knowledge of manufacturing, we also have the ability to design and produce basic and complex gaging to best suit the parts being manufactured.


APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) techniques are used for tooling/process development and the generation of the control plan. The process FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis) is developed utilizing customer requirements, processes, and product experience/knowledge.  Required gages and measurement techniques are developed at this time.


Value Added

Value Added

During the manufacturing process, the benefits of APQP are in place, controlling the various processes and product inspections.


Precision Metal Products has in-house heat treating capabilities (annealing, stress relieving, age-hardening) using state-of-the-art, fully programmable, atmospheric controlled ovens. The process & product are validated by testing springs with a Chatillon load/spring tester, and verifying hardness with United digital hardness testers.


We can also provide various cleaning, tumbling & deburring options. For additional value-added services that we cannot perform in-house, we work with a variety of companies for external processes such as plating, bright dipping, heat treating, and degreasing. Other services are available upon request; whatever you need, we will accomplish it using our extensive network of resources.

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